2011 Rugby World Cup


Otago Stadium nearing completion in Dunedin

With the 2011 Rugby World Cup still a bit off, preparations at the Otago Stadium in Dunedin, the future host of 4 of the World Cup tournament matches, have entered the final stretch. Construction of the venue began in 2009, and the finishing touches are to be added in August 2011, just in time for the first World Cup match, the Argentina v England confrontation, which kicks off on September 10. The other games to be hosted by the Otago Stadium are the England v Georgia one on September 18, the England v Romania one on September 24 and the Ireland v Italy one on October 2.

The facility will indeed be a state-of-art one, from several angles. First of all: it will feature parking space for 335 cars. There will be 12 concessions stands, five lounges and four stands. The stadium will be the first fully covered venue in New Zealand and the roof will be a true combination of art and functionality. Offering a 37-meter clearance at the center line, the structure will definitely not interfere with the action going on below. The roof will protect players and spectators from the elements, while it will let light and sunshine through. It will also collect rainwater, which will then be used to irrigate the turf below.

The turf is a scientific first in its own right too: it is all natural grass, grown under a permanently closed roof - an achievement never before attained anywhere else. The venue will be suitable to accommodate a wide selection of sporting events, its purpose by far not served when the Rugby World Cup wraps up. The Stadium is situated in a prime location too: just outside the Dunedin city center, close to the University of Otago and well accessible from the airport (40 minute drive).

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On Saturday the 17th of September the Springboks won over Fiji with an impressive 49 - 3. Watch on the 22nd of September when South Africa play against Namibia at North Harbour Stadium to see if the Springboks can win yet another Rugby World Cup Match!

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