Sports Betting tips to help bettors in beating the house

Sports Betting Tips

If you are interested in making money betting sports, then you should read the tips below to help bettors in beating the house. These tips will help you bet on your favourite sports while being responsible at the same time. The reality is however that many bettors refuse to look at the advice given to them which is why so many sports books are successful. Many bettors either win or lose on a regular basis as they don't know when to stop or how to play responsibly.

Below are a few tips to help you increase your percentage of winning. There are some tips that you definitely should follow and others are simply more of a guideline.

Tip 1 of Sports Betting - Manage your Money

It is sad to know that this is the most neglected Sports betting tip but players need to know this is the most important to follow. Never bet more money that you are willing to lose. Rather set money aside to bet on sports that you are willing to lose, rather than over spend. If you bet all your money on a game, and lose in the end, you are more than likely going to try and win your money back which means spending more and probably losing more than you anticipated. Rather spread your amount you wish to spend over various games and you will surely win some. If you are on a winning streak then you should increase your betting amounts. All bettors know that sometimes its your day and sometimes its not. Winners know when to STOP.

Tip 2 of Sports Betting - Shopping for Numbers

Bettors need to recognise that they should shop around for the best number. Have a look around at other sports books and get the best number. The books change their numbers depending on the pattern of betting by their customers. You will find a difference in 2 or more points which is highly likely. When betting you should bet on the best line and even the slightest difference can be the difference between winning and losing.

Tip 3 of Sports Betting - Sober Gambling is always the best.

We all know what alcohol does to your judgment which is exactly why top Las Vegas Casinos offer players free drinks. The best tip you should follow is to not gamble under the influence as this will simply have you make rash decisions and lose more money than you would have otherwise. Betting with a clear mind is the key to improving your winning chances.

Tip 4 of Sports Betting - Do your Research

The key to your success is to do your homework and find out which online sportsbooks suits you. You need a site where they keep updated on a regular basis with the latest games and latest outcomes of those games. Bettors should follow some sort of niche when they work one out and simply stick to it. There is a whole wealth of information at the tips of your fingers and is completely up to you whether you make the most out of this and research daily.

Tip 5 of Sports Betting - Monitor the Odds

Many sports books have stronger odds on teasers and parlays. The odds difference influences your payout in a big way if you are betting huge amounts of money. Once again it all comes down to the research you do in Tip #4. You will find that alot of the sports books have a list of their payout odds which makes it easy for you to make your choice. It is better however to not play teasers and parlays.

Tip 6 of Sports Betting - Place bets at the right time

The experienced bettors bet the underdogs at an early stage whereas squares bet later on closer to the game and tend to choose the favourites. If you prefer betting for the underdogs, then place your bet as close to the game as possible when the action of squares is at its peak and the favourites have already been sussed out. If your bet is going towards a favourite, then it is advisable to place your bet as soon as you can when all the professionals are placing large sums of money on the points. This formula doesn't work with all games but is usually a good rule to follow.

Other factors should be taken into consideration when it comes to beating the books. Many of us don't have the means or time to sit researching the various statistics, games analysis, teams etc. If you are like many others, then there is help out there for you. Plenty sports handicapping services are available out there who are willing to advise you in where you should invest your money to decrease your loses and increase your percentage winnings.

Look out for sites who offer services with different rankings such as Diamond, Gold, Silver which is based on the more you pay, the better the picks are. But why would you not give your best picks? Why give lower level picks in the first place? Rather place bets where there is only 1 set of picks at one reasonable price and not depending on the size of player that you are.

No matter the sports booking site you choose, it is important to do your homework and take it slow. No need to make rash decisions. Keep in mind that any game can lose in various different ways so don't bring yourself down about it. Nothing you could have done would have made the outcome any different. Everyone has a losing day once in a while. The main thing is to try and win more than you lose, otherwise what's the point.

In the end we sincerely hope that these tips have helped you in making your sports booking decisions easier and would like to wish you the best of luck in your betting endeavours.





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