Betting exchange Betfair is an UK company, which has been online since 2000.

Betfair has been blacklisted due to breach of contract

Betfair Review

All new customers at Betfair receive a £25 free bet! Betfair has the best odds, superb bonuses as well as live betting options.

In 2000 a British company founded Betfair. Today they are fully licensed in the United Kingdom but welcome customers from across the globe. Betfair have received numerous awards for their website as well as betting options. Over the years Betfair have gained a good reputation and we can definitely see why.

At Betfair customers may bet on a variety of sports such as horse racing, cricket, tennis, swimming, basketball, golf, soccer, pool, rugby, ice hockey, motor racing, boxing just to name a few.

Why Betfair?

・ Customers may bet on a back (outcome that will happen) or a lay (that it wont happen)
・ Customers choose their own odds.
・ Betting may take place while the game is still happening.

Betfair is a betting site where customers anonymously place bets against each other on a variety of markets and sports. More than 1 million bets are exchanged every week with an annual turnover of about £2.6 billion.

Customers choose their own odds

If you wish to have better odds than you are offered, then you are able to place a better price and that will either be accepted or decline, depending on how realistic it is.

Is it safe to bet at Betfair?

・ The details of your card are encrypted and only sent once over the internet when you have registered your card.
・ The details of your card are then stored on Betfair's very secure servers.
・ Betfair uses secure payment partners, DataCash and The Royal Bank of Scotland plc.
・ Betfair owns a Verisign Class 3 Secure Server Certificate.

What's Hot at Betfair?

Highest odds and no betting limits
A reliable and safe bookmaker
The greatest betting exchange in the world
Awesome live betting

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